Ollie East

Oct 23, 2018

by admin

Ollie is an Engagement Manager in Deloitte’s Strategy & Analytics practice based in Chicago. Ollie has ~10 years of international strategy & consumer analytics experience across the pharmaceutical, technology and hospitality sectors.

Acting as a bridge between advanced analytics and corporate strategy, Ollie is adept at translating analytical output into actionable business value, utilizing both qualitative and quantitative methodologies to derive insight from big data.

From understanding how consumers engage with specific messages and channels, to uncovering behavioral insights through text analytics and machine learning, Ollie partners with both leadership and strategy groups within major corporations to help guide key strategic and investment decisions.

Ollie also works on strategic transformation engagements that focus on driving forward firm wide analytical maturity and capabilities.

Ollie holds an MBA from Alliance Manchester Business School, an MS in Global Marketing from York School of Management and a BA(Hons) in Business and Economics


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